Headed to the Burgh



I was checking my phone all day. I wasn’t sure when I would receive the admission decision from Tepper. I received an acceptance from Goizueta in the early morning of the decision release date and from Kenan-Flagler the day ahead of time. It felt like a bit of a waiting game for Tepper on the release date. I received an email later in the day from Tepper and received great news. I opened a video that welcomed me to Tepper’s class of 2017. In addition to the acceptance, I was offered a Forte Fellowship. I am so excited to have these opportunities. Now comes the tough part. I have to decide which program I am going to spend the next two years with.

In an effort to help with the decision, my boyfriend and I visited Pittsburgh to further explore the city a few days after the admission decision was released. Tepper’s Welcome Weekend is after the deposit deadline so we wanted to visit Pittsburgh once more before we have to make our decision. We lined up a couple of apartment viewings to see what is available in the area through Mozart Management. The staff was very helpful and even willing to show us apartments over the weekend. The apartments we viewed were pretty affordable but weren’t near a downtown area. We are hoping to find housing that is walkable to school or a downtown. Throughout the rest of the weekend we explored the various sections of the city. Pittsburgh is divided into numerous sections and they all have quite a different environment. Now it’s time to reflect and work through this decision.


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