Great News from Goizueta



I’m beyond excited to be admitted to the full-time MBA program at Goizueta. I interviewed about a week or so ago and already heard back about the decision. It was so nice not to have to wait too long. Although time is flying by, I still just can’t wait to find out about all the other admission decisions so I can make my ultimate decision.

Every school delivers the admission decision in different formats. I have heard surprisingly most admission decisions are shared later in the day. Today I decided I was going to check the application portal before work just in case the decision was posted. I actually went to the financial area of the portal first and saw the deposit deadlines were newly listed in this area. Beginning to get hopeful, I opened the admission decision letter and found out I was accepted. Later in the day an admissions team member gave me a personal phone call and shared even better news. I was being offered a partial tuition merit scholarship.

This is my first acceptance and it doesn’t even seem real. Everything I have been working so hard for over the past year and half has proved to be worth it. There were many nights when I stayed in to work on applications or study for the GMAT when my friends went out. The application, test, and travel expenses are also proving to have a ROI.

I’ve heard many stories about first time applicants not getting into any schools during their first round of applications. Often they re-evaluate their application and are able to get into a few schools the second year.

I began my journey with a list of about 15 schools. Most students apply to 3-6 programs. The time and investment for each application is significant so students limit the amount of applications they submit. And part of this process is about knowing what you want and determining which schools can get you there. I narrowed the list down to 5 schools for my initial application round. I also had backup schools I would have applied to in the next round if I did not get accepted to any of the 5 schools I selected. Luckily I won’t have to move onto the second list of schools. When I started the applications I researched the schools and decided I’d be happy to join any of the 5 programs I selected. I must say, Atlanta weather sounds pretty good right now!


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