My Final Round 2 Interview



Well, I’ve had a busy month! In February I traveled to interview and visit three MBA programs. Earlier in the month I also went to Florida on vacation. This weekend I completed my final round two interview. Unfortunately I visited Goizueta during a break so there weren’t a lot of activities to partake in. I flew in on Friday morning and worked from the hotel. If you are looking for a place to stay in Atlanta, I highly recommend the Emory Conference hotel. I felt like I was visiting an up north lodge. It was surrounded by trails and had a warm cottage feeling. Just a short walk away was a street with restaurants and shops. Emory was basically located across the street next to the CDC. Emory has one of the most beautiful college campuses. Most of the buildings are detailed with old architecture filled with character. Other buildings on Emory’s campus are extremely modern in design.

On Saturday morning I had the pleasure of visiting an old friend who lives in the area. She recently moved to Atlanta and it’s been the perfect place to grow a family. One of the benefits is definitely the weather. It was about 50 degrees, but coming from a Michigan winter it felt like it was 80 degrees in Atlanta.

Saturday afternoon I enjoyed a student led tour of Emory. The student was very passionate about her experience with Goizueta. Her husband graduated from the program a few years ago and both have been pleased with their experience. The student was also quite honest and confirmed the horrible Atlanta traffic stories. She also mentioned during the first semester she sometimes was at the school until 3AM working on projects or studying for an exam. I have heard similar stories at other campuses. Students complete all but one core class during their first semester at Goizueta. During this time the students are also recruiting so it becomes a very busy time of year. I’m sure it’s all worth it in the end.

A 2014 alumni interviewed me. Again this interview was pretty typical for what I have seen so far. For some reason I don’t feel like this was my best interview. Although I think we connected, there were a few answers I wish I had changed. He asked me what else do I want the admissions committee to know and I gave a relatively vague answer instead of bringing up community services experiences. That was an area of my resume we hadn’t gotten to. During another question he asked me about my biggest work accomplishment and what portions of that experience did I actually manage. Although the example I gave was a meaningful one, I don’t know if I explained it very well. Sometimes I find myself getting too much into the details of the experience instead of giving a quick overview and reinforcing the points of the story. During every story I’ve been told you should provide an overview, background knowledge, ensure you clearly define the main points, and then explain the learnings or outcome. I hope my interview was still insightful as to why I am a good candidate for Goizueta.

Although there weren’t a lot of activities taking place this weekend at Emory, I had the opportunity to exchange emails and phone calls with current students. They were all very responsive and willing to answer any questions I had. The students shared useful insights about the program and life in Atlanta. Their passion makes me even more enthused about the possibility of joining Goizueta. Luckily I’ll hear back this week about the admissions decision. Wish me luck!


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