Things are Looking up with an Invite from Tepper



I was so excited to receive an invite to interview with Tepper! I visited Pittsburgh this summer and am looking forward to going back to interview. My interview and travel plans are booked. Now it’s time to begin to prepare!


Staying Organized


I am heading into the final preparation time before submitting my MBA applications. Luckily I started early and have given myself ample time to apply. In the Summer I was consistently checking program websites to see when the essay questions would be shared. Most programs updated their 2015 application cycle information in August. In an effort to keep organized, I created a Google doc to track information and progress.

I have a row for each program I have explored. After eliminating programs from my list I’ve hid the information to avoid clutter. The columns provide information such as links to key areas within the websites, MBA profile information, and special concentration offerings. I’ve also tracked the basic information such as deadlines, event information, and financial aid offerings.

The doc has helped reduce the amount of times I’ve needed to double check a date on a website. It’s also helped me create a schedule and keep me on track. I highly suggest creating something similar to ensure you don’t miss an application deadline.

I am probably going to refrain from blogging for awhile to ensure I stay focused. But I will definitely recap all of my experiences once I’ve finished my apps.