The Fuqua Offerings



Unfortunately I was not able to attend Duke’s Women’s Weekend. I was very disappointed because it looked like a great event. I had a really important presentation at work and couldn’t get away. Luckily, I was able to make a visit earlier this year. While visiting I spoke to an admissions team member who answered many of my questions about the program. He provided a great perspective about the international opportunities offered. I am interested in quite a few of them! If admitted, I am unsure how I’m going to narrow down my options. One of my favorite offerings is the GATE program. With the GATE program students learn about business practices and the culture of the region they later travel to. Although some of the treks from other programs sound like fun trips, the GATE program offers a more comprehensive experience. I have been fortunate to have international experience with several of my jobs, but am seeking additional experiences.

Later in my career I want to pursue a leadership role at a nonprofit. Although I am involved with several nonprofits now at a volunteer level, I want to contribute in a larger way in the future. The Fuqua program at Duke offers a program called Fuqua on Board which allows students to join the board of a nonprofit for a term. A lot of the fellow prospective students at the events I’ve attended are interested in working in the nonprofit sector. This offering might be the experience you’re looking for. Read on for additional information:


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