UNC Women’s Workshop



Unfortunately I was not able to bring home the warm weather from North Carolina, but I’m happy to say I brought a lot of great experiences and memories with me. I instantly felt welcomed at UNC. My visit was consistent with the visit I had over the summer. I was traveling through NC as part of a road trip and made a stop to visit the school. One of the admission directors took an hour out of her day to talk to me about the program. I had expected to talk to a secretary for 5 minutes and be given a few brochures. It was such a nice surprise to have a personal intro to the program. I realize these programs get thousands of applicants annually and can’t always spend individual time with each applicant.

UNC’s Women’s Workshop had a similar format to the WILC weekend, but the days were switched. The first day at UNC was a formal workshop. I had an interview in the morning so I missed the morning session. Throughout the day there were presentations featuring professors, alumni, and other women in business. One of the speech professors was especially engaging and had everyone out of their seats for the discussion. I learned a lot of great presentation tips in the short half hour we spent together. One of my favorite presentations was from Michele Buck, the North American President of the Hershey Company. She gave a look into the life of a mom with a business career. That evening we had a social event with current students. We were assigned a buddy that seemed to have similar career interests. My buddy was so helpful! She provided program information but I was also able to ask her about more personal questions about topics such as housing options.

The next day we attended an admissions event which featured a panel session Q&A. Current students also joined the event and even asked the admissions team to leave for one section allowing prospective students to ask “real” questions. The current students were so welcoming throughout the entire experience. It was great to see this involvement; I’m sure they are busy with many other things right now! One of the students had participated in a 24 hour case study challenge and still attended the event. We even had a chance to meet the new dean at a formal lunch in one of the gorgeous campus buildings (see photo). The dean seems to be well respected within the community. Overall the experience at the UNC Women’s Workshop provided a warm and an insight into student life.


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