I had the pleasure of visiting the University of Michigan for the Ross WILC weekend. There were about 30 prospective students who attended. There was an optional VIP visit which included a tour and class visit during the day on Thursday. I already participated in a VIP visit in the past, so I decided to opt out of this portion of the visit. I was taking Friday off of work and didn’t want to take two days off if I didn’t have to.

Thursday night we checked in and then had a formal kickoff dinner at the school. Three current students spoke about their experiences in the program. Alumni were also present and shared their success stories. It was really helpful to talk to them one on one and be able to ask simple questions about their experience. We’ve all read about the program, but it makes such a difference to visit the school and talk to current students. At night we went to an offsite event and got to mingle with current students.

The next day we attended the official WILC conference. Not only prospective students, but also women in business were invited to attend. The presenters were great. All of the sessions were really empowering. One of my favorite sessions featured business leader Shelley Zalis. She gave a great discussion about the value women add to the boardroom. Women are often criticized for being emotional, but Shelley made a great point about how emotions do belong in the business world. Employees are real people and if managers do not use emotions within the work environment, we will not be able to connect with our team members.

A 2014 alumni spoke about her experience at Ross and about how it has helped her in the workplace. It was nice to hear from a recent alumn. As always, Soojin Kwon gave great insights about Ross. If you haven’t already reviewed her blog, I’d recommend reading it:

After the conference there was another event which allowed prospective students to meet current students. Throughout the weekend I was able to bond and connect with other prospective students. I hope to meet them again, maybe somewhere in the Fall of 2015! 😉