Waiting Game



Well I’ve officially submitted my applications for Women’s Weekends at Duke, UNC, and U of M. Now I just have to play the waiting game. I really didn’t expect to nervous about this. I’ve been finding myself constantly checking my email. It’s just a weekend event, not actual admission to the program. Regardless, although admissions teams say it isn’t true, I would expect admission to this event to be somewhat of an indicator of your hopes of getting into the MBA program.

Maybe not though. The school has to fund the event and pay for things such as hotel, food and some transportation costs. They probably can’t do it for every applicant.

I also wonder, does the school or the prospective student get the most out of this experience. Clearly it’s in part a recruiting tool for the school. And for the student it’s somewhat of an informal interview.

It seems like the format of most of these weekends is broken into two sections. One day is dedicated to more of an admissions information day, and the other is a leadership conference that’s not limited to prospective students. I’m equally excited about both days…if I get in. I will keep you posted.