MBA Weekend Visit Applications



I’ve decided to apply to the U of M Women’s Weekend instead of the Kellogg weekend since they’re taking place at the same time. Really I should apply to both in case I don’t get into one. But I also don’t want to turn one down. And I’m already tight on time. These applications add up! I really wonder how much time to put into these apps. All of the apps require you to submit personal profile information, a resume, and 1-2 essays. Some of the essays will be great exercises for the actual essays I’ll need to write later. The questions are of similar nature. “Why do you want to get a MBA?” and “What have you accomplished so far in the work force?” are a few of the questions. I wonder how much time applicants are spending on these. Maybe they let everyone into the weekend but want to make sure you’re interested. Or maybe there are a limited amount of spots available and there is competition. I don’t even know how large of a group will be attending. I doubt I’ll be able to find out these answers.

I’m thinking about being a bit bold in my essays. Now’s the time to experiment a bit with not as much being on the table here. However, I did hear from an admissions member once that any communication you have with the school is part of the overall interview process and affects their perception of you. I’m definitely not going to take these essays lightly, or be too bold. But I would say boldness is part of my personality. And they want you to be sincere right? We’ll see!


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