Weekend Visits


I have been looking into visiting some of the schools I’m interested in. There are a few comprehensive visits offered. Aside from the normal VIP class visit, there are also women and diversity weekends available that seem to provide a greater look at the program. These are usually 1-3 day trips that comprise of a conference and admissions events. Some of the top schools have these programs. Some of the schools require you to apply to the programs. For others, you just have to register.

Now here’s the hard part. Which programs should I apply to? Attending these events will require a time and money investment. U of M, Duke, UNC and Kellogg all offer a more comprehensive program. Emory and Darden are offering short half day events. I’d love to attend all of them, but taking time off work and spending money to travel are concerns for me. Kellogg and U of M happen to be hosting them on the same weekend this year. Great. The Duke and UNC programs are back to back weekends. Wish I could just stay out there and work from “home” on those days. Oh well. At least it will be a good excuse to escape this Michigan weather! Now it’s time to work on these weekend applications!


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