Tutoring Sessions


I’ve had a couple tutoring sessions so far and they seem to be going well. The tutor has evaluated my strengths and weaknesses and he’s creating modules to address my weaknesses. What I’ve found most helpful is the strategies he’s teaching me. I might have known how to solve a Quan problem, but he’s teaching me quicker more efficient ways to get the correct answer.

Learning problem solving strategies seem to be a popular trend for GMAT prep. If there was no time limit, I could probably answer most of the questions correctly. The strategies come into play because on average you should only spend about 2 minutes or less on each problem. Sometimes it’s suggested to not even solve the problem, but instead “strategically guess or estimate.” I am not too keen on “guessing” unless I don’t have enough time to solve the problem. However, what I’ve learned is that if you miss problems consecutively, it hurts you a lot worse than missing the same number of problems spread evenly throughout the test. So when I guessed on the last 5 or so problems of the real exam, it killed my score. If I would have noticed I was behind on time earlier on and guessed right then to make up for time, my score wouldn’t have dropped as much. Only a couple more weeks before exam #2, so it’s back to studying tonight!


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