Scheduling the Test


Well eventually you’ll get to a point when you realize you can’t wait any longer: you have to schedule the test. At this point I’m still not sure whether I’ll be ready or not, but time is ticking and test slots fill up quickly.

I’m applying to round two which means most of my application deadlines are the first week of January. I want to have time to take the test twice so I’m scheduling the first test for mid November. What a great birthday present that’ll be for me! You can only schedule the test every 31 days so I can’t take it again until late December.

I’ve read that you shouldn’t take the test at a time when you’re not used to working or focusing. For example, I work in the agency world and get in the office around 9 or 9:30 AM every day I’m also not a morning person. So it would not make sense for me to schedule a test that begins at 7AM.

Also keep in mind most test facilities require you to arrive a half hour early. Add the commute time on and you need to account for probably at least an hour of time before you even take the test.

Personally I chose to schedule the dust test at 10:30 AM and the second for 11AM. I’m also fortunate to have facilities in my area that host treating sessions on weekends. That helps minimize time off of work.

Oh and did I mention the price? Each test will set you back $250 US dollars. As if the test wasn’t already dreadful…


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