50 Reasons to Date an MBA


Well to kick off this weekend with a lighthearted TGIF post, here are some of my favorite reasons to date an MBA. The full list was provided by Poets and Quants and can be viewed here: http://poetsandquants.com/2014/07/26/50-reasons-to-date-an-mba-student/ Let me know which are your favorite!

The business school admissions team has already screened your dates. No criminals or deadbeats here. You’re dating the best-of-the-best. Question is, can their etiquette live up to their GMATs?

MBA students are already buried in debt. And that turns some into big spenders. I mean, what difference does paying $1000 for a romantic ski weekend make when you already owe $100,000?

MBAs make serious marriage material. Remember: Dating an MBA will impress your parents. More importantly, it’ll make your siblings raging jealous. And isn’t that what you really want anyway?

Attention Ladies: In business school, men generally outnumber women by a 2-to-1 ratio. With the dating pool acting as a living case study for supply and demand, the men must up their game. Expect plenty of roses and phone calls (and chivalrous behavior, no doubt).

Dating an MBA student could make you smarter, as some dates will expect you to do their homework. This frees them up to follow their true passions: Networking and job hunting (while practicing delegation too). Never forget, study time is considered a date.

If you’re already enrolled in an MBA program, dating another MBA will help you maximize your net worth (and increase the value of your degree too). Starting as friends – with shared passions, experiences, and philosophies – also makes for a stronger relationship (despite the whole grad school poverty thing).

MBAs have a vision. By now, they know what they’re seeking. If you last beyond three dates, there’s a good chance you fit in with their plans (Let’s just hope you know who you are and what you want).

MBAs come from all over the globe. They’ve graduated from the top schools and worked for prestigious companies in most exotic locales. This well-roundedness means they have a surplus of stories about their travels and the people they’ve met along the way. Plus, they’re probably cultured enough to order off a wine list (or understand the waiter when he curses you in Italian).


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