Why an MBA?


I suppose I should back up a little bit and let you know why I’ve decided to get an MBA in the first place. Let’s be real for a minute. I’ve always been “a dork.” I like school and learning. For real. Some might think I’m a teacher’s pet. But really, I’m just a curious person and want to learn. But there is a difference between wanting to learn and deciding to pick up Rosetta Stone, and wanting to learn to support a goal.

When I graduated from college I joined the job race. I started applying everywhere and anywhere. Of course a lot of the places I applied for were in the auto industry. Us Michiganders live and breathe for auto and grew up with oil running through our veins. A lot of the jobs I saw at OEMs required a MBA. Of course I had heard of MBAs before and thought about getting one, but this is what caused me to seriously consider doing so and I began my research. The more I researched I found myself actually getting excited about going back to school. A lot of my friends could not wait to graduate from their undergrad program and actually counted down the days. Instead I am counting down the days until I begin an MBA program. I took about a year to get settled in the work place and very recently I began my journey.


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