Study Schedule


Staying dedicated to a study schedule is a lot tougher than it sounds. After I’ve worked all week over 60 hours in the hectic agency world, the last thing I want to do is study GMAT material. I try to do anything else but study. I will clean the house, do chores, go grocery shopping-anything to still do something “productive” other than studying. On the upside, this is the cleanest my house has ever been.

Instead of studying when it’s convenient, for the past week I’ve implemented a new strategy. To ensure I keep a tight study schedule here’s a few tactics I’ve been following:
1. Schedule study days
If you commit yourself to specific days, you are more likely to get your studying in, instead of just “fitting it in” whenever you can figuring “you’ll get to it” at some point in the week.
2. Pick a good study spot
If you get easily distracted, pick a study spot that only allows you to study. Maybe the local library or a coffee shop.
3. Strategically study
Create a study plan that addresses your main areas of weakness.
4. Log your progress and review
Write down the number of hours you study per week and the topics covered. This will help when reviewing overall progress and can help ensure you are meeting your goals. Continuously review your progress.
5. Reward yourself
This is a long process and only the top students will be able to complete this journey. It’s something to be proud of. And of course, rewards provide motivation to continue studying. This is a psychology trick.

Time to hit the books!


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