What is the Real Answer?


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I’ve been jumping into a lot of the Magoosh videos which have been helpful, but I wanted to take an actual GMAT practice test. I heard it’s what’s best to do to identify your areas of weakness. From there you can determine how much extra time you need to spend on certain subjects. I can tell you with certainty I was NOT ready to take that practice test. Oh boy. If you haven’t taken one before, you’re in for a surprise. I did well in college and even graduated from the Honors College, but it didn’t prepare me for this test. The format is like nothing I’ve ever seen before. A lot of the questions aren’t asking for the actual answer. Instead the questions read, “if you knew this piece of information could you solve the problem?” Alternatively, if you knew both this and also this could you solve the problem…and it goes on from there. What kind of test doesn’t want an answer? The test kind of reminded me of the common “solve x” meme. I wish it was as simple as that! Thankfully it was just a practice test and it’s supposed to be a “learning experience.” Next steps: get used to the format, work on timing, and take some extra time to study Quan. Ready, break!


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