What is the Real Answer?


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I’ve been jumping into a lot of the Magoosh videos which have been helpful, but I wanted to take an actual GMAT practice test. I heard it’s what’s best to do to identify your areas of weakness. From there you can determine how much extra time you need to spend on certain subjects. I can tell you with certainty I was NOT ready to take that practice test. Oh boy. If you haven’t taken one before, you’re in for a surprise. I did well in college and even graduated from the Honors College, but it didn’t prepare me for this test. The format is like nothing I’ve ever seen before. A lot of the questions aren’t asking for the actual answer. Instead the questions read, “if you knew this piece of information could you solve the problem?” Alternatively, if you knew both this and also this could you solve the problem…and it goes on from there. What kind of test doesn’t want an answer? The test kind of reminded me of the common “solve x” meme. I wish it was as simple as that! Thankfully it was just a practice test and it’s supposed to be a “learning experience.” Next steps: get used to the format, work on timing, and take some extra time to study Quan. Ready, break!


Study Materials


Alright, I can no longer delay this. It’s time to get studying. I’ve been doing some research to decide what prep materials I should use. It seems like the Official GMAT Guide is a no brainer. Insight from the actual company that creates the tests, previous test questions, and a full guide-yes please! You can find a comprehensive review of all the products offered here: http://www.mba.com/us/store/store-catalog.aspx. But to be honest, I saved a few dollars and ordered my materials off of Amazon. The Official Guide Book gives a great overview of the test format, question types, and other tips and tricks.

The only other resource I’ve tried so far is the Magoosh GMAT software. It is not as comprehensive as some of the other software programs, but it’s a great resource to get started. And it’s affordable, only about $100. The program offers study videos, examples, and questions. Is also has a dashboard to help track your progress. This software is great if you want a quick refresher in the basic areas of study to help with the Quan and Verbal portions of the exam. There are not many strategy techniques offered in this software. http://gmat.magoosh.com/ That being said, I do not recommend this as the only study materials you use for preparation, just some materials to get you started. Let me know if you have any questions!

Getting Started


So I’ve started to share my plans with my friends and family. Yes, I decided to blog about it first. Feel special? You were the first to hear my news. My aunt asked me why I need to study for a test if I’m not in school yet. My mom has never heard of an MBA. My dad heard the MB part and thought I was going to buy a Mercedes Benz. Needless to say, I was the first in my family to get a college undergraduate degree, let alone a Masters degree. There’s nothing wrong with that. College isn’t for everyone. But it definitely makes things a little bit trickier. No alumni connections. Who needs them anyway?

The Journey Begins


Well, here we go. I’ve officially decided I want to get an MBA. Now what? I’ve been out of college and in the corporate marketing world for just over two years. I think I’m ready. I mean, I don’t want to wait too long. I have to still remember something from college right? I haven’t taken calculus for 6 years, but it should be easy to pick back up, like riding a bike right? Check back for details about My MBA Journey. From school selections, essays, interviews, moving, and the dreaded GMAT-I’ll share everything along the way. Thanks for reading!